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Bleeding Edge Research & Development is why We Lead the Industry in Results.
We Only Serve Dealerships that Require More than their Fair Share, if that's You, then We Fit.

Car Dealer Websites

Far more than a dealership website, Remora members are customers for life. Exclusivity prevents any conflicts of interest and a 20% Increases in Sales over the first 3 months is so common it's expected. We don't predict the future of the industry, we invent it. Like the crafty sucker fish, we move the moment the industry sharks do to ensure your dealership is always the undisputed champion of your Market.

Remora Provides

  • Tailor Fit Web Development
  • Industry Leading Load Speed
  • Semi-Responsive Framework with Dedicated Mobile
  • Bounce Rates Under 5%
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Automotive SEO

Winning in search does more than increase your business, it brands you as the leader. Trust today is won in the daily sword fight on the web. Remora members enjoy the highest visibility in organic results across all major search engines. The benefit of matching your inventory with ready buyers in the exact moment they are raising their hand and asking is phenomenal. Our members report 15-30% compounded growth year in and year out.

Remora Provides

  • Exclusivity for Your Market
  • Industry Leading Organic Results
  • Constant Updates to Match the Changing Landscapes
  • Incredible Results
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Digital Advertising

If you're not leveraging the power of digital advertising than you're not getting more than your fair share. Automated solutions miss the mark and most providers are flat out stealing. What you need are experts on your side. Remora members always own their accounts, enjoy full access and pay wholesale direct for the traffic. If you are paying a percentage or worse, a retail mark up, we can dramatically increase your results and decrease your costs.

Remora Provides

  • Contextual Search for Bing,Yahoo and Google
  • Full Featured Display
  • Enhanced Re-Targeting
  • Effective Expert Management
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With consistent single digit bounce rates, average time on site in excess of 9 minutes and unparalleled SEO results, Remora is paving the way for innovation in Automotive Website Technology.
- Megan Barto
Internet Director, Ciocca Honda

About Remora

Laser focused on serving the unique marketing needs of franchised automotive dealerships, Remora has the talent, backgrounds and expertise to continue leading the automotive marketing industry for many years to come.

Our Process

1) Plan/Build

Remora provides what the biggest players in this industry lack. True experts without a conflict of interest. To succeed in the modern environment, you need true experts that can leverage your existing brand equity, your unique selling propositions and your assets. We start with a thorough audit of your positions, trust and standing on the web and then we make a plan that fills in the gaps and maximizes your exposure. Consider us your personal tailor for success on the web, we align with your message and maximize your reach online.

2) Market

Once your vessel is properly built and ready to receive, we aggressively market your inventory and brand in and around your PMA. The findability of your inventory and dealership directly effects your bottom line. Many vendors promise the world when it comes to SEO and SEM and you've probably been let down before. We don't over promise because our results speak for themselves. Remora members enjoy the piece of mind that comes with absolute exclusivity. When your competitors are fed up and call us, we politely tell them no.

3) Convert

All the traffic in the world is useless if your website does not effectively turn those active buyers into leads. Remora websites are the latest, greatest in the industry that all follow. Your buyer's experience on your website sets the stage for that most important next step, the meet and greet. Remora websites exceed user's expectations, boasting load speeds over 3 times faster than the next closest competitor and an unmatched experience that delivers bounce rates under 5%, incredible lead increases and every day excitement in your showroom.


Christian Jorn

SEO guru responsible for countless industry firsts on the web, Christian’s portfolio of long-term winning includes increased dealer profits of 30%+ compounded for 5 years. An old hat in the car business and Master Certified by Ford, Christian's inventions are routinely imitated but never duplicated. Remora members often profit for years before any competitors even realize what is going on.

Justin Shannon

Justin Shannon, Chief Technical Officer and a founding member of Remora, is the mad scientist that makes the magic happen. Responsible for industry leading page load speeds, minuscule bounce rates and 100% uptime, ShannRock leads a brilliant team of technical minds that keep the Remora Back Bone solid. A genius IQ and tireless work ethic makes Justin the go to for technological excellence.

Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor, Chief Operating Officer and a founding member of Remora, is the leader of a Rock Star group of genius creative talents. As COO, Matthew leads the UI/UX and graphic development teams that power the stunning designs and inspiring user experience that is baked into all Remora websites. A unique eye for beautiful form and function, Matthew sets an unreachable bar for the rest of the industry.

Our passion is inventing the future of the web. The tide changes rapidly in the modern online ocean. We advise the hard working dealerships that value success to Keep Calm and Suck On.
- Christian Jorn
President, Remora Inc.

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